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Manuscript Production Instructions

Deadline for receipt of manuscript : 1 July 2013

Important: At least ONE of the authors must be registered to QFS2013 for submitting a manuscript.

These instructions are available in electronic format for you to download.

The manuscripts can be submitted as RevTeX or Microsoft WORD format. To prepare the manuscript, use the templates provided (RevTeX, MSWord) which include examples of Figures that satisfy the standard of the Journal.

The length of the papers should be kept to a maximum of 7 pages for poster presentations and to 12 pages for oral presentations. The format of the pages is that of the template.

For those authors who use BibTeX, this template should be used rather than the RevTeX template above. Note the comments in the example file template-new.tex.

Figures in color will be presented in color on the JLTP "online" at no charge. Authors should begin the caption for each figure in color by: (color online). Figures will normally be printed in black/white in the JLTP "hard copy" issue. Upon request by the authors, colored figures can be printed in color on the "hard copy", but at an extra cost to the authors.

1. The corresponding authors of an article should e-mail to qfs-manuscript@qfs2013.riken.jp with the following matters:

a. The PDF version of the manuscript as an attached file, and
b. The names of 4 or 5 suitable referees together with their e-mail addresses.

The subject of your e-mail should be: Manuscript: ‹last name of first author›_‹sorting code› where ‹sorting code› is chosen from the following list:

QGQuantum gases
QFQuantum fluids
QSQuantum solids
VTVortices & turbulence
LDLow dimensional and confined systems
OTOther topics and model systems

The sorting code must be consistent with that of the abstract.

2. Manuscripts must also be submitted on-line following the instructions given on the JLTP Editorial Manager Website. The corresponding author should connect directly to the site and upload all of the manuscript files by following the instructions given on the screen.

3. Very important:

A) The author is required to enter "S.I. : QFS2013" into the box "Choose Article Type". It distinguishes these articles from those of other "Special Issues" and from the "Regular Articles" that are apart from this Special issue.

B) The author is also required to insert in the box "Please Enter Comments" the mention: "Article belongs to Category QG", for example, one of the sorting codes listed above.

4. Once the article has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive a message from Springer with questions regarding the transfer of copyright and the ordering of reprints that can be responded to by simple clicking. Once this is completed, the corresponding author will receive proofs to examine and correct. After the final proof correction by the printer, the article will appear as "online first" in the JLTP - Springer webpage Online First in the JLTP - Springer Webpage

Once all the accepted articles have appeared "online first", the Conference Organizers will arrange them in the correct order for publication in the "special issue" of JLTP in early 2014, as will be indicated on the JLTP Webpage.

Should you encounter any difficulty with the preparation of your manuscript, please contact us by e-mail at qfs-manuscript@qfs2013.riken.jp with Subject: Information request.