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Aug. 1

9:00     Registration
9:40     Opening
      Quantum fluids (S. Fisher)
10:00 P1.1 Eltsov Experimental signatures of vortex core structures in superfluid 3He
10:40     Coffee break
      Quantum fluids (S. Fisher)
11:10 O1.1 Walmsley Chiral textures in slabs of superfluid 3He-A
11:30 O1.2 Ikegami Direct Detection of Chirality in Superfluid 3He-A
11:50 O1.3 Heikkinen Gravity waves on the surface of topological superfluid 3He-B
12:10     Lunch
      Helium in Aerogel (J. Parpia)
13:30 P1.2 Sauls Liquid 3He in Random Media
14:10 O1.4 Dmitriev Superfluid Phases of 3He in ''Ordered'' Aerogel
14:30 O1.5 Pollanen 3He in Aerogel: Engineering Superfluid States with Disorder
14:50 O1.6 Ikeda Possible Phase Diagram of Superfluid 3He in Highly Anisotropic Aerogel
15:10     Coffee break
      Other topics (R. Nomura)
15:50 O1.7 Bunkov Direct Observation of a Majorana Quasiparticle Heat Capacity in 3He
16:10 O1.8 Tagirov Magnon BEC in antiferromagnets with Suhl-Nakamura interaction
16:30 O1.9 Strydom Non-Fermi liquid behaviour in the heavy-fermion Kondo lattice Ce2Rh3Al9
17:00     Poster session PS1
      QF OT

Aug. 2

      Quantum turbulence (Y.Sergeev)
9:00 P2.1 Vinen Quantum turbulence: aspects of visualization and homogeneous turbulence
9:40 O2.1 Skrbek Investigation of Quantum Flows of 4He by Visualization and Second Sound Attenuation
10:00 O2.2 Yano Vortex Emission from Quantum Turbulence Generated in Superfluid 4He
10:20 O2.3 Bagnato Observation of anomalous momentum distribution in a sample of turbulent BEC obtained by free expansion
10:40     Coffee break
      Quantum fluids (K. Machida)
11:10 O2.4 Wiman Superfluid phases of 3He in a periodic confined geometry
11:30 O2.5 Zimmerman Order parameter texture transition in superfluid 3He-B in aerogel
11:50 O2.6 Melnikovsky Parametrically Excited Coherent Roton Aggregates
12:10     Lunch
      Quantum gases (Y. Kato)
13:30 P2.2 Takahashi Quantum Magnetism of Cold Atoms in an Optical Lattice
14:10 O2.7 Cui Spin-Orbit Coupled Ultracold Atomic Gases
14:30 O2.8 Nitta Vortex molecules in Bose-Einstein condensates
14:50 O2.9 Tsuchiya The Higgs amplitude mode in a superfluid of Dirac fermions
15:10     Coffee break
      Devices & Technique (R. Jochemsen)
15:50 O2.10 Defoort Energy Dissipation in Nano-electro-mechanical Devices at Millikelvin Temperatures
16:10 O2.11 Sasaki Developing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging ULTMRSI to study inhomogeneous texture in Superfluid 3He
16:30 O2.12 Hata Development and comparison of two different types of dry dilution refrigerator
17:00     Poster session PS2
      VT TC DV

Aug. 3

      Quantum solids (K. Shirahama)
9:00 P3.1 Beamish Elasticity, Plasticity and Defects in Helium Crystals
9:40 O3.1 Haziot The Giant Plasticity of a quantum crystal
10:00 O3.2 Reppy Pursuit of the Elusive Supersolid
10:20 O3.3 Polturak Microscopic Measurement of Flow of hcp Solid 4He
10:40     Coffee break
      Quantum fluids (S. Higashitani)
11:10 O3.4 Vorontsov Flow-induced phase transitions in superfluid 3He films
11:30 O3.5 Ghosh High speed imaging of generation and collapse of multielectron bubbles in liquid helium
11:50 O3.6 Wei Experiments to Study the Exotic Ions and the Effect of Light on Electron Bubbles in Superfluid Helium
12:10     Lunch
      Low-dimensional systems (P. Leiderer)
13:30 P3.2 Fukuyama Exotic Quantum Phases of 3He and 4He in Two Dimensions
14:10 O3.7 Gasparini Confined 4He Near Tλ: Scaling, Coupling and Proximity Effects
14:30 O3.8 Del Maestro Local Superfluidity at the Nanoscale
14:50 O3.9 Murakawa Superfluid flow and dissipation of 4He confined in a well-controlled nanopore array
15:10     Coffee break
      Quantum gases (K. Kasamatsu)
15:50 O3.10 Tempere Vortex-Antivortex unbinding in inhomogeneous atomic condensates
16:10 O3.11 Krotscheck Dynamic structure function of a cold Fermi gas at unitarity
16:30 O3.12 Kita Excitations in Bose-Einstein condensates revisited
17:00     Poster session PS3
      QS QG

Aug. 5

      Topological quantum phenomena (W. P. Halperin)
9:00 P5.1 Maeno Topological Superconductors and Superfluids
9:40 O5.1 Sasaki Experimental efforts to realize time-reversal invariant topological superconductors
10:00 O5.2 Mizushima Topological Superfluidity of 3He
10:20 O5.3 Ishikawa New Boundary Phenomena of Liquid 3He in Aerogel Contacting with Superfluid 3He-B
10:40     Coffee break
      Quantum turbulence (L. Skrbek)
11:10 O5.4 Tsepelin The turbulent drag in superfluids
11:30 O5.5 Hanninen Dissipation enhancement from a single reconnection event in superfluid helium
11:50 O5.6 Barenghi Finite-temperature vortex decay, core brightness and turbulence in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
12:10     Lunch
      Exciton-Poraliton (M. Tsubota)
13:30 P5.2 Savvidis Exciton-polariton condensates in semiconductor microcavities
14:10 O5.7 Fraser Modified excitation spectrum and superfluidity in open-dissipative polariton condensates
14:30 O5.8 Yoshioka Towards a stable Bose-Einstein condensate of excitons in a bulk semiconductor
15:10     Coffee break
      Quantum fluids & solids (A. Yamaguchi)
15:50 O5.9 Iwasa Ultrasound Measurement in Solid Helium in a Torsional Oscillator
16:10 O5.10 Rojas First-sound Measurements of Liquid 4He near Tλ in Microfluidic Devices
16:30 O5.11 Koga Discontinuous Growth of Solid 4He From the Superfluid Phase on Graphene Nanoplatelets
17:00     Poster session PS5

Aug. 6

      Low-dimensional systems (N. Wada)
9:00 P6.1 Saunders Topological superfluids confined in nanoscale slab geometries
9:40 O6.1 Nomura Self-organized criticality in quantum crystallization of 4He in aerogel
10:00 O6.2 Rees Phase Diagram of a Classical Quasi-One-Dimensional Electron System
10:20 O6.3 Nakamura Gas-Liquid Transition and Elementary Excitations in Monolayers of Helium-4
10:40     Coffee break
      QF & Particle Physics (M. Nitta)
11:10 P6.2 Volovik Higgs bosons in particle physics and in condensed matter
11:50     Closing