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There will be 4 poster sessions. Posters will be displayed in PORTRAIT FORMAT. Posters should be mounted at the start of the day and removed at the end of the poster session.

All contributed abstracts of registered participants will be allocated poster space. If as an invited speaker, you would also like to display a poster, please let us know.

The posters can be up to A0 format; that is 841 mm (horizontal size) × 1189 mm (vertical size).

Poster sessions

PS1: Aug. 1, 17:00-19:00

PS1.1 Li The effect of aerogel anisotropy on superfluid 3He-A
PS1.2 Surovtsev NMR properties of the distorted axi-planar superfluid phase of 3He in the "nematically ordered" aerogel
PS1.3 Zhelev Dissipation signatures of the normal and superfluid phases in torsion pendulum experiments with 3He in aerogel
PS1.4 Senin Studies of superfluid low temperature phase of 3He in "ordered'' aerogel
PS1.5 Dmitriev Widths of NMR lines of superfluid 3He confined by "ordered" aerogel
PS1.6 Morioka Observation of 3He-B Texture Transition in Aerogel
PS1.7 Kondo Investigation of the Odd-Frequency Pairing in Liquid 3He at Aerogel Interface
PS1.8 Manninen Excitation and Detection of Surface Gravity Waves on Normal and Superfluid 3He
PS1.9 Wu Signatures of Majorana Surface States of Superfluid 3He-B
PS1.10 Zavjalov Spontaneous formation of magnon Q-ball in superfluid 3He-B
PS1.11 Kimura Detection of Half Quantum Vortex between Parallel Plates in Superfluid 3He A
PS1.12 Kunimatsu NMR on Texture of Rotating Superfluid 3He-A phase in a narrow cylinder
PS1.13 Benningshof Spin waves in the B-phase of superfluid 3He in (confined) cylindrical geometry
PS1.14 Collett A Variable Path Length Cell for Transverse Acoustic Studies of Superfluid 3He
PS1.15 Tsutsumi Mass Current at a Domain Wall in Superfluid 3He A-Phase
PS1.16 Nagai Quasi-classical Theory of the A-phase of Superfluid 3He-A in a Cylinder
PS1.17 Takeuchi Anomalous superflow along an interface between aerogel and superfluid 3He
PS1.18 Kawakami Quasiparticle bound states of vortices in superfluid 3He-B phase
PS1.19 Lichtenegger Density and spin--density fluctuations in liquid 3He
PS1.20 Higashitani Effect of Odd-Frequency Cooper Pairing on Pauli Spin Susceptibility in a Superfluid Proximity System
PS1.21 Kamada Packed powder as superleak for spin pump experiments in superfluid 3He A1
PS1.22 Gritsenko Observation of heterogeneous nucleation in dilute 3He-4He mixtures
PS1.23 Batulin Laser spectroscopy of Ba+ ions in liquid He: Towards the detection of Majorana fermion surface state in superfluid 3He-B
PS1.24 Sheshin The influence of the acoustic radiation on the onset of the turbulent flow in He II
PS1.26 Karasevskii The excitations of atoms in helium system
PS1.27 Tayurskii Simulation of liquid helium-4 in aerogel by means of the density functional theory
PS1.28 Panochko Theory of liquid Helium-4 in a deformed Heisenberg space
PS1.29 Krotscheck Spinodal decomposition of two-dimensional 3He at low densities
PS1.30 Abdurakhimov Redistribution of 2D Electrons on Liquid Helium under Pulse-Modulated MW Irradiation
PS1.31 Abdurakhimov The Role of Resonance Conditions at the Edge of 2D Electron Pool in MW-Induced Zero-Resistance States Formation in 2DES on Liquid Helium
PS1.32 Abdurakhimov Excitation of Surface Waves by Second Sound Waves in Superfluid Helium-4
PS1.33 Abdurakhimov Magneto-Oscillations Induced by Frequency-Modulated MW-Irradiation in 2DES on Liquid Helium Surface
PS1.34 Nyeki Superfluid Response and Quantum Criticality of Two Dimensional 4He on a Triangular Lattice
PS1.35 Badrutdinov Cyclotron-resonance-induced dynamics of the electrons-on-helium system
PS1.36 Konstantinov Effects of strong internal forces on microwave-induced magneto-oscillations in surface electrons on liquid helium
PS1.37 De Lorenzo Superfluid Helium-4 as an Ultra-low Loss Optomechanical Element: Coupling the motion of superfluid and superconducting condensates
PS1.38 Schmoranzer Quadratic damping of mechanical oscillators and its effect on their resonant response
PS1.39 Fortes Superfluidity of a spin-imbalanced Fermi gas in a three-dimensional optical lattice
PS1.40 Sakhi Quantum critical properties in the topological Ginzburg-Landau theory of self-dual Josephson junction arrays
PS1.41 Shevchenko On electrical fields in dielectrics caused by temperature gradient
PS1.42 Konno The Pressure Coefficients of the Superconducting Order Parameters at the Ground State of Ferromagnetic Superconductors
PS1.43 Vdovychenko Self-organizing disorder and low-temperature thermal conductivity of molecular crystals
PS1.44 Kanazawa Photo-induced Quantum Phase Transition and Magnetic Solitons in the Perovskite GdSrMnO

PS2: Aug. 2, 17:00-19:00

PS2.1 Zmeev Quantum Turbulence Produced by Uniformly Moving Grid in 4He in the T=0 Limit
PS2.2 Saluto Superfluid counterflow turbulence in short channels
PS2.3 Saluto Vortex diffusion in axial quantum turbulence
PS2.4 Sarsby Quantum Turbulence Decay Observations in a Black Body Radiator
PS2.5 Oda Observations of vortex emissions from superfluid 4He turbulence at high temperatures
PS2.6 Walmsley Emission of small vortex loops due to reconnections of quantized vortices in superfluid 4He at low temperatures
PS2.7 Pakpour Interaction of Excimer He2* Molecules with Vortex Lines in Superfluid 4He at T < 0.2 K
PS2.8 Yamasaki Dynamics of a particle and a quantized vortex at zero temperature : self-consistent calculation
PS2.9 Nakatsuji Dynamics of the Cluster of Vortex Points in Two-Dimensional Superfluid 4He
PS2.10 Sergeev Andreev scattering in turbulent 3He-B: a three-dimensional numerical analysis
PS2.11 Lawson Anomalous damping of a low frequency vibrating wire in superfluid 3He-B due to vortex shielding
PS2.12 Lawson Switching Behaviour of a Quartz Tuning Fork in Superfluid 4He
PS2.13 Makinen Energy dissipation and librating motion of superfluid 3He-B in the T -> 0 limit
PS2.14 Guise Design and Characterisation of a Detector for Quasiparticle and Quantum Turbulence Imaging Studies in Superfluid 3He
PS2.15 Jackson Damping of Mechanical Oscillators During the Turbulent Transition in 4He
PS2.16 Woods Frequency Dependence of the Transition to Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid 4He
PS2.17 Sciacca Numerical and statistical analysis of pure superflow
PS2.18 Sciacca Numerical experiments on a two dimensional counterflow channel in helium II by means of a one-fluid model
PS2.19 Galantucci Counterflow channel: statistical studies on the normal component
PS2.20 Shiozaki Quantum Turbulence in a harmonically trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate: from Vortices to Granulation
PS2.21 Karl Nonthermal Fixed Points and Superfluid Turbulence in an Ultracold Bose Gas
PS2.22 Chung Zero-field vortex-induced Hall effect and polar Kerr effect in chiral p-wave superconductors near Kosterlitz-Thouless transition
PS2.23 Tinh Ac fluctuation conductivity in strongly fluctuating layered superconductors under magnetic field
PS2.24 Kamran IV characteristics of array of antidots on superconducting Nb lm
PS2.25 Kamran Magneto-resistance of a complex system i.e., Kagome array of antidots (holes)
PS2.26 Arahata DC conductivity in a s-wave superconducting single vortex system
PS2.27 Kurosawa Impurity effects in a vortex core in a chiral p-wave superconductor within the t-matrix approximation
PS2.28 Babuin Decay of Quantum Turbulence Generated by Forced Flows of Superfluid 4He
PS2.29 Duda Dynamics of Solid Deuterium Particles in Quantum Turbulence Generated in Thermal Counterflow
PS2.30 Akiyama Parallel Plates for Surface Magnetization Measurements of Superfluid 3He
PS2.31 Collin Modal Decomposition in Goalpost Micro/nano Electro-mechanical Devices
PS2.32 Bosch SRD1000 and CMN1000 sensors for precision thermometry below 8 K
PS2.33 Abdelrahman Quantum Information Processing with Magnetically Trapped BECs in Cavity QEDs
PS2.34 Clovecko Vacuum measurements of a novel micro-resonator based on tin whiskers performed at mK temperatures
PS2.35 Arnold Characterisation of a New Graphite Substrate for Measurements of Adsorbed Gases
PS2.36 Takahashi A 3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator for Microgravity Experiments on a Small Jet Plane
PS2.37 Zmeev A Method for Driving an Oscillator at a Quasi-Uniform Velocity
PS2.38 Obara Development of Fiber-Optic Probe Hydrophone for Cryogenic Liquid
PS2.39 Matthews A microKelvin cryogen-free platform
PS2.40 Fleischmann A Flux Noise Thermometer Optimized for Use at Ultralow Temperatures

PS3: Aug. 3, 17:00-19:00

PS3.1 Balibar Stacking fault energy and dislocation splitting in 4He crystals
PS3.2 Haziot Evidence for a critical dislocation speed in helium-4 crystals
PS3.3 Mikhin Vitrification of Liquid Inclusions in hcp 3He-4He Crystal: the Role of an Intermediate bcc Phase
PS3.4 Mikhin The plastic flow of solid 4He through a porous membrane
PS3.5 Tsuiki Nature of the Quantum Oscillation of Solid 4He under DC Rotation
PS3.6 Kubota Quantum Vortex Physics in hcp solid 4He
PS3.7 Zmeev Shear Modulus and Thermal Conductivity of Polycrystalline hcp 4He at Low Temperatures
PS3.8 Ahlstrom Response of a Mechanical Oscillator in Solid 4He
PS3.9 Ahlstrom Plastic Properties of Solid 4He Probed by a Moving Wire: Viscoelastic and Stochastic Behavior Under High Stress
PS3.10 Krainyukova Supersolidity Mimics Superfluidity in Other Scale
PS3.11 Krainyukova Rotational, Vibrational and Glassy States in Solid Helium with Impurities
PS3.12 Fefferman The distribution of dislocation lengths in 4He crystals
PS3.13 Moroshkin Disorder and melting in doped solid helium studied by dopant laser spectroscopy
PS3.14 Sullivan Lattice Relaxation in Solid 4He --- Effect on Dynamics of 3He Impurities
PS3.15 Kamada Specific Heat Measurement of the Gapless Spin Liquid State in 2D 3He
PS3.16 Yoshida 4He crystals on an oscillating plate
PS3.17 YKubota Search for Supersolidity in Monolayer 4He on Graphite
PS3.18 Nomura Falling and collision of 4He crystals in superfluid
PS3.19 Takahashi Gravity-Free 4He Crystals in Superfluid at 150 mK
PS3.20 Aoki Frequency change of torsional oscillator induced by solid 4He in torsion rod
PS3.21 Isozaki Power law behavior of quantum crystallization of 4He in aerogel
PS3.22 Matsuda Fluctuating surfaces of growing 4He crystals in aerogel
PS3.23 Chishko Macroscopic Density Fluctuations and Metastable States of 3He-4He Solid Solutions in Pre-separation Region
PS3.24 Yamashita Gas-Solid Phase Transition in Hardcore-like Systems
PS3.25 Dubovskii On the Lifetime of Metastable Metallic Hydrogen
PS3.26 Ahokas Magnetic resonance study of atomic hydrogen and deuterium in solid H2 and D2 matrices below 1 K
PS3.27 Park Helium Buckyballs on the H2-preplated C20 Surface
PS3.28 Jarvinen Dynamic nuclear polarization and relaxation in Si:P at very low temperatures
PS3.29 Babaei-Brojeny Enhancement of the magnetic flux in a superconducting system of the multiple thin strips
PS3.30 Ramirez Bose-Einstein condensation of collective Cooper pairs
PS3.31 Shin Simultaneous Measurements of Torsional Oscillator and Shear Modulus of Solid Helium-4 with 1ppb 3He impurity
PS3.32 Choi Observation of NCRI in Solid Helium-4 by using Rigid Double Pendulum Torsional Oscillator
PS3.33 Souris Stability limit of a metastable state of hcp solid helium-4
PS3.34 Konstantinov Magnon BEC in RbMnF3 and MnCO3 at a temperature about 1 K
PS3.35 Tsutsui Ground-State Energy and Condensate Density of a Dilute Bose Gas Revisited
PS3.36 Kunimi Precursor phenomena of nucleations of quantized vortices in the presence of a uniformly moving obstacle in Bose-Einstein condensates
PS3.37 Takahashi Self-consistent multi-soliton solutions in Bogoliubov-de Gennes systems
PS3.38 Danshita Quantum phase slips of trapped superfluid Bose gases in one dimension
PS3.39 Fujimoto Spin turbulence in spin-1 spinor Bose-Einstein condensate with antiferromagnetic interaction
PS3.40 Aoki Spin-glass-like behavior of spin turbulence in spinor Bose-Einstein condensates
PS3.41 Takeuchi Diffusion of Vortices to 'Extra-Dimension' in Tachyon Condensation via Domain Wall Annihilation in Segregated Bose-Einstein Condensates
PS3.42 Ishino Instability of Counter-rotating Vortices in miscible two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
PS3.43 Thompson Characterization of an apparatus and theoretical predictions for a two species BEC turbulence experiment
PS3.44 Telles Observation of anomalous momentum distribution in a turbulent Bose-Einstein Condensate
PS3.45 Kasamatsu Implementation of Lattice Gauge-Higgs Model in Quantum Simulators of Cold Atoms
PS3.46 Li Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates in Optical Lattices
PS3.47 Shinozaki Elementary excitations of antiferromagnetic spin-1 bosons in an optical lattice
PS3.48 Yamamoto First-Order Phase Transition and Anomalous Hysteresis of Binary Bose Mixtures in an Optical Lattice
PS3.49 Sato Fermi superfluid on the Lieb lattice
PS3.50 Tempere Time dependent Ginzburg-Landau formalism for two-bandgap Fermi systems
PS3.51 Endo Superfluid theory of a gas of polarized dipolar Fermi molecules
PS3.52 Tajima Spin Susceptibility and Strong Coupling Effects in an Ultracold Fermi Gas
PS3.53 Krotscheck Non-Fermi Liquid Nature of the Two-dimensional Dipolar Fermi Gas
PS3.54 Pedrozo Two-componet BEC for Studying Quantum Turbulence
PS3.55 Marmorini Exact Self-Consistent Condensates in (Imbalanced) quasi-1D Superfluid Fermi Gases
PS3.56 Lutsyshyn Variational description of the exchange-driven liquid-to-solid quantum phase transition in 4He
PS3.57 Hanai Self-consistent T-matrix approach to an interacting ultracold Fermi gas with mass imbalance
PS3.58 Kobayashi Vortex polygons and their stabilities in Bose-Einstein condensates and field theory

PS5: Aug. 5, 17:00-19:00

PS5.1 Salas Fermi and Bose gases within Multitubes
PS5.2 Solis BEC and dimensional crossover in a boson gas within multi-slabs
PS5.3 Ogata Possible Phase Diagram of Imperfect Bose Liquid in Nanoporous Glass
PS5.4 Kaminaka Exact Analysis of a One-Dimensional Weakly Repulsive Bose-Fermi Mixture
PS5.5 Chishko 3He Monolayers on Graphite in Ferromagnetic Regime: Cluster Size Effect
PS5.6 Matsumoto Anisotropy of the Adiabatic Relaxation Time of Adsorbed 3He Monolayer
PS5.7 Matsushita NMR study on motional state of helium film adsorbed in nanochannels of FSM silicate
PS5.8 Wada Three-Dimensional Boltzmann Gas and Possible Singlet Bound State of 3He Film Formed in Nanopore of HMM-2
PS5.9 Hieda Submonolayer Superfluidity of 4He Films on Planar Gold
PS5.10 Kulchytskyy Helium-4 crossover from a 3d superfluid to a 1d Luttinger liquid in a nanopore
PS5.11 Endoh Frequency-independent 1D superfluid response in 4He film adsorbed in nanochannels
PS5.12 Suzuki Highly mobile metastable state of 4He thin layers above the KT transition temperature
PS5.13 Taniguchi Competition between superfluid overlayer and mobile solid layer of 3He-4He mixture films on porous gold
PS5.14 Demura 3He impurity effect on the superfluidity for liquid 4He confined in 1D nano-porous medium FSM16
PS5.15 Morishita Reentrant Solidification of First Layer of 4He Film on Graphite
PS5.16 Arnold SQUID-NMR studies of 3He Films on Graphite in the Microkelvin Temperature Range
PS5.17 Yayama Mobility of 2D Electrons on pure 4He and 3He--4He dilute solution
PS5.18 Zadorozhko Fabrication of graphite substrates to study two dimensional helium films
PS5.19 Beysengulov Nonlinear Transport of the Wigner Crystal in a Confinement Geometry
PS5.20 Rovenchak Complex-valued fractional statistics for D-dimensional harmonic oscillators
PS5.21 Sanchez Improving the ballistic ac conductivity through quantum resonance in nanowires
PS5.22 Smorodin Surface electron transport over structured silicon substrate, limited by ripplon and gas scattering
PS5.23 Degtiarov Dispersion of Collective Modes in Electron Quantum Wire Over Liquid Helium in a Magnetic Field
PS5.24 Sharma Transport in Fermi Liquids Confined by Rough Walls
PS5.25 Moriyama Superconducting Fluctuations and Phase Slips in Niobium-Nitride Nanowires on Suspended Carbon Nanotubes
PS5.26 Nakamura A New Heat-Capacity Anomaly at the Melting Transition in the Second Layer of 3He on Graphite
PS5.27 Nemchenko Quantitative Ratio between Heat Flows due to Sound and Diffusion in Superfluid Helium